Why Heat Networks?

Resolving Major Energy Challenges

The resurgence of the Heat Network principle is a direct result of the recognised benefits these systems offer. Today, the effects of global warming and how the use of fuel directly affects our environment is important to all. Alternative technologies have been explored and compared; concluding that Heat Networks make an important contribution towards resolving major energy challenges faced in the 21st Century.

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improved security of energy supply, using alternative fuels
  • Providing heat at a competitive price when compared to traditional solutions

Of course this is great, but what are the practical benefits that will really make the difference to residents?

•  Economies of scale and ideal in urban areas
•  Convenience with ‘On Tap’ availability
•  Reduced CO2 emissions per dwelling
•  Reduced end user heating costs
•  Reduced maintenance requirements within the apartments
•  Future flexibility on source of energy supply
•  Closer control on heat use by end user

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