Our story

Our challenge

Recent protests have highlighted the urgent need to accelerate the UK’s efforts to tackle the intensifying climate crisis; with low carbon heat undoubtedly being the biggest challenge facing the country as we look to decarbonise.

In May, the Government announced a ban on the installation of gas boilers in new build homes from 2025, which are to be replaced by alternative solutions such as district and community heating systems. These systems are becoming an increasingly popular low-carbon method of heating properties, with the Committee on Climate Change estimating that they could provide 20% of the UK’s heating requirements by 2050.

The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations were introduced in 2014, however, one in seven consumers within the sector were found to be dissatisfied, citing problems including lack of information, issues with billing, pricing, and poor technical standards.


Our solution

Recognising the need for a stronger service delivery, 2014 saw us embark on a three-year strategy to launch our own heat network offering. With over two decades’ experience working with managing agents, we were ideally placed to develop a heat network solution to benefit all stakeholders.

Led by our directors, who have a combined 90 years’ experience, we developed a holistic solution for managing agents and property managers. By acting as your Heat Network Operator or ESCo, we can fuel, install, optimise and maintain sophisticated schemes, as well as managing resident metering and billing.


A sector-leading billing platform

Keen to tackle the lack of information and poor billing/pricing systems that blight the industry, we developed a bespoke, fully-automated  billing platform that records daily data-capture from each heat network; enabling us to support managing agents by providing an accurate and swift approach to billing, reporting and tariff setting.

What’s more, the system provides data on the efficiency of our heat networks, enabling us to identify improvements and ensure our clients can meet the requirements necessary to comply with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.


An unrivalled customer service team

From the outset of our venture, we recognised that one key factor would be crucial to addressing the lack of confidence in the heat network sector – customer service.

To ensure we deliver a first-class service, we’ve invested heavily in our dedicated, multilingual customer-facing team, consisting of energy managers, engineers and heat billing administrators.

The considerable size of this team enables us to assign to each client a dedicated Energy Manager, who takes personal ownership of the client’s needs.


Our impact

The success of our solution has raised the bar for the level of service delivery that can be expected in this developing industry.

We’re proud to be shaping best practice in the heat network sector by enabling managing agents to understand and achieve the very best from these low-carbon systems.

Our standing is widely recognised, and we currently provide CPD accredited training to numerous managing agents who understand that heat networks are here to stay; being integral to the UK’s efforts to tackle climate change.



Continually improving your environment



Personal service, Reliability, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence (PRIDE)



Successfully delivering service solutions in a safe and sustainable way