Preferential terms to match your needs


Through our procurement service, we find contract deals that are often unavailable directly. We understand exactly how to match the energy demands made on your building, its plant and its equipment, with the right contract terms for you.

We evaluate all contract types, including fixed-term and fixed-supply, from major and regional energy companies and review your expected needs for the contract period. By matching these up appropriately, we can help protect you from any penalty charges that may be triggered by actual usage levels. It is important that this is covered, because many contracts include a penalty clause if usage does not fall within the minimum or maximum thresholds, which is usually set at +/- 20% of forecast needs.


Converting units to kWh:

  1. Convert units into cubic meters by multiplying by 2.83
  2. Multiply the cubic meters by the Correction Factor
  3. Multiply this figure by the Calorific Value
  4. Convert to kWh by dividing by 3.6