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Submit a Meter Reading

Your meter accurately records your consumption. Most meters send us updates remotely, called Actual meter readings, which we use to calculate your bills. You can also send us manual meter readings by completing the form below.

If your bill is based on Actual meter readings it has likely been generated using data received remotely from the meter within your apartment. If you submit a manual meter reading, but we are already recording data remotely for your property, your reading will not be used for billing.

If your bill shows Estimated readings, this indicates that there was no Actual meter reading available, hence an Estimate was calculated and used to issue a bill and avoid any interruption to your billing, whilst we await the Actual readings to come through. So, it’s a good idea to send us a manual meter reading as soon as possible! This may result in your account being ‘re-billed’ to correct your charges, so you only pay for what you used.

To submit your reading, you will need to take a photo of the meter clearly showing the Meter Serial Number (MSN) and the meter reading in kWh. Please note we can only accept meter readings supported by photo evidence!

1. Your reading should show kWh (not m3)

2. Please ensure your Meter Serial Number (MSN) is clear in view

3. If your property has a Worcester Bosch HIU, please take a photo of your meter reading showing in kWh. You do not need to supply the Meter Serial Number (MSN). Please do not attempt to remove the cover of the HIU.

Submitting a Meter Reading