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Who are Data Energy?

We are a metering and billing agent. We have been specifically appointed by your building owner or heat utility supplier to raise and issue bills for the energy and/or water you use. The utilities we bill you for would depend on what is supplied by your Communal Network.

Using actual meter reads recorded by the meter for your apartment, we calculate how much you have consumed, and charge you according to your tariff. Estimated reads are sometimes used in the absence of actuals.

It’s our job to:
• Collect consumption data
• Generate and issue bills
• Process payments
• Process change of tenancies
• Issue final bills
• Provide billing enquiry support

What is heat network?

Heat networks are a low-carbon solution for supplying heat and hot water to large apartment blocks and play a key role in the UK’s transition to net zero. These systems offer a wealth of financial, social and environmental benefits, allowing you unlimited access to heat and hot water whenever you need it.

How does it work?

Heat is generated in a central location (i.e. basement energy centre) and distributed to each apartment through a network of pipes known as the primary circuit.

Instead of individual gas boilers, each apartment is fitted with a Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which transfers heat from the primary circuit to the secondary circuit within your home.

The secondary circuit is a network of pipes supplying space heating and hot water.

Your HIU is fitted with a heat meter which accurately records the amount of energy each apartment extracts from the primary circuit. This information is then used for billing purposes.