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Burlington Gate


Data Energy were appointed by Bruton Street Management to investigate the metering system at Burlington Gate, an innovative high-end residential development located in Mayfair.

Challenges Faced

The metering system was found to be consistently logging values far beyond expected thresholds. Data from a range of building services required processing before utility costs could be recharged accurately to residents.

A streamlined and highly efficient billing system needed to be established to ensure compliance with the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014.

Our Solutions

Data Energy facilitated communication between contractors to rectify metering discrepancies, preventing residents from being heavily overcharged. We were able to provide a streamlined billing system using remote and virtual metering, and detailed tariff setting to provide quality billing at reduced costs.

We secured competitive tariffs to ensure utility supply costs were kept to a minimum by default.


Faults with the metering system were identified and rectified at no surcharge for the Managing Agent or Developer. Residents continue to benefit from accurate and transparent billing.


“Data Energy were appointed to manage the heat metering and tenant billing and to ensure a smooth handover from the contractor. They provided us with a reliable, consistent service and have proved to be a responsive partner and key player to the success of this scheme. Their involvement at the initial handover stage has allowed us to identify issues with the heat network and without them I am sure that I would be spending infinitely more time on this instruction.


Data Energy are now involved with all of the heat networks within our portfolio, ensuring that we are able to fulfil our obligations to clients and developers. By working closely with Data Energy’s specialists, we can be confident that the handover from the developer will be seamless and satisfactory for all parties.


We have a dedicated Energy Manager who ensures that any queries are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner, thereby enabling us to report with confidence to our clients at all times.


I now try and get Data Energy involved with new instructions as soon as possible. I couldn’t recommend them more as they continually provide us, our clients and our residents with an exceptionally high level of satisfaction.”

Tom Prowse, Property Manager

Bruton Street Management