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The UK’s climate advisory body, The Committee on Climate Change (CCC), has announced that it will “present advice to the government on supporting a resilient, low carbon economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis as part of its annual assessment of the UK’s progress towards its 2050 net zero greenhouse gas emissions goal”.

The CCC will refocus its advisory reports to include recommendations on building a climate-resilient coronavirus recovery, in line with the nation’s legally binding net zero target. The June report will include efforts for rebuilding the economy in a manner that supports a “just” transition towards net zero emissions by 2050.

The UK’s sixth carbon budget has been postponed from September to December 2020 and will consider the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent national lockdown on the UK’s climate target, with a revised 2020 work programme

The 26th Conference of Parties (COP26), due to take place in November, has also been postponed until 2021 in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The conference will bring over 30,000 delegates to Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus (SEC) to develop an international response to the escalating climate crisis.

Pete Betts, the UK’s former chief climate negotiator, will offer expert advice ahead of the event and will assist the CCC to ensure the government is guided on efforts to mobilise a global climate agreement. Betts is a veteran of 16 UN climate summits and was lead negotiator for the EU when the Paris Agreement was created in 2015.

The CCC’s Chief Executive, Chris Stark said:

“Responding to the pandemic is, rightly, the immediate priority for everyone. Eventually, thoughts will turn to the need to rebuild after the coronavirus – the climate priorities can help shape these efforts. The Committee on Climate Change will offer advice to the Government on constructing a resilient recovery. Coronavirus is teaching us all the value of prudent planning and global shocks.


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Pete Betts to our team. His insight will be invaluable to the Committee in the run-up to the most important summit on climate change since the landmark Paris Agreement in 2015.”