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The government must incentivise energy efficiency and low-carbon infrastructure as part of the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has urged.

The climate advisory body wrote to Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging for major decarbonisation projects to become a central pillar of any national economic resilience plans. Such plans should also include an effort to improve the energy efficiency of UK homes.

The letter includes six recommendations that include embracing climate investment to drive economic recovery. The government is urged to reconsider taxation and the current means of incentivising innovative low-carbon approaches and technology. The recommendation is also supported by a pledge to encourage a shift in societal behaviour, such as working from home and cycling.

The UK Green Building Council has welcomed the recommendations. Chief executive Julie Hirigoyen said:

“Enabling households to save money on their energy bills means they will have more disposable income at a difficult time for many. Making our homes warmer and more comfortable will also ease pressure on our NHS, while reducing COVID risk factors.


Energy efficiency is ‘shovel ready’ – with labour-intensive projects rooted in local supply chains. The social housing sector offers a great opportunity for initial investment, given supply chains are already established and the Conservative manifesto committed to a major programme of energy efficiency in the sector.”