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What you want in a partner relationship is reliability, technical competence, and excellent communication – and Data Energy fits that description. Our work can involve unforeseen challenges that can be both technically complex and sensitive, and where expert advice is essential to meet technical compliance or complicated legislation.

One such example occurred this year, when we sought the help of Data Energy to guide us through a minefield of statutory and mandatory regulations, all of which pertained to one of our ongoing developments. Using a clinical and methodical approach, Data Energy revealed to us where aspects of the works were yet to fully agree with certain regulations, giving us time to review options and to decide on practical solutions that would avoid negative repercussions.

Within property development, the advent of heat networks presents a new challenge. There is a lot to learn and across our project teams we find consultants still learning about the optimal application of these installations, which intend to yield green, cost-effective solutions to our customers. As a consequence, the world is still waking up to the benefits of heat networks, and some parts of legislation are yet to reflect the technological progress that has been made. Data Energy have shepherded us through what could easily have been an arduous and costly exercise, and I would have no hesitation in recommending their service offering to others.


Ben Hunt

Associate Director (Development)

Countryside Properties