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New Development? Create the Ideal Heat Network

Heat Networks are complex to design and run and come with a raft of legal administrative duties. Especially since the advent of the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations. With existing buildings, Heat Networks inevitably have legacy issues, not least where the terms of the typical lease contradict the new regulations.

New developments provide a superb opportunity to create the Ideal Heat Network set-up from the outset. One that satisfies all stakeholders and ensures a better experience for residents and greater value for developers.

The perfect heat and hot water system:

  • Correct sizing of the plant and distribution system to consistently meet demand
  • High energy efficiency levels so heat isn’t lost, resulting in lower unit rate costs
  • Correct maintenance with plant run at optimum manufacturer/designer levels
  • Correct handover documentation from Developer to Managing Agent
  • Managing and maintaining a billing platform that includes metering
  • Keeps administration costs of heat billing to a minimum
  • Charging for the heat supplied and avoiding credit risk
  • Delivering value and complete reliability for the end user

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