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On his first day in office, Ofgem’s new chief executive Jonathan Brearley has launched the Decarbonisation Action Plan; a series of actions required to ensure the UK is ready to deliver net zero.

The plan focuses particularly on heat and transport, the two biggest challenges facing the country as we look to decarbonise.

Chief executive Jonathan Brearley said:

“Britain has come a long way. It has decarbonised faster than any other major economy, but we must go further, particularly on heat and transport. We are taking an approach that recognises that our role protecting customers includes achieving net zero.


As low-carbon renewable energy grows and more transport goes electric, the energy system needs to be more flexible to respond to peaks and troughs in both supply and demand. Our new price controls for network companies will clear the path for this, providing the incentives for investment for the future.


It is now vital that the energy industry rises to the challenge and demonstrates how it will work with the government and Ofgem to decarbonise Britain’s energy system at the lowest cost”