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Sharing the Cost: Energy Apportionment

More than ever, Landlords and Managing Agents are monitoring energy usage of buildings with the desire to save money through increased efficiency. However, simply monitoring consumption cannot provide the whole picture, and the ability to apportion energy is required to ensure fair and accurate tenant billing.

The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 confirmed the requirement for an accurate billing process with complete visibility of individual energy usage. Landlords of multi-customer developments, where heat, chill or hot water is supplied through a Heat Network, are required to provide detailed information about the network to tenants. This allows residents to be completely mindful of their usage, creating an incentive to reduce consumption where possible.

For energy apportionment to be implemented successfully, billing solutions are required. At Data Energy, our unique Billing Process offers a range of metering solutions, enabling automatic tenant billing based on individual apportioned energy calculations, as well as bill validation and consumption analysis.

Energy apportionment has proven to be extremely effective in promoting tenant accountability for energy use and one of the best solutions towards achieving greater energy efficiency. Apportionment is not only limited to Heat Networks, but regularly undertaken when an electricity supply needs to be divided between a number of tenants. We can help you with this recharge process.

Why not let us review you arrangements for recharging tenants? This could be for electricity, heat, water or gas, just contact one of our dedicated Energy Managers today for more information.