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We are pleased to announce that Data Energy is now a member of the Ombudsman Services Energy Broker ADR Scheme, a new programme that will enable microbusinesses to resolve disputes with energy brokers via an independent body.

Following a ‘Microbusiness Strategic Review’, Energy Regulator Ofgem decided that energy suppliers will only be able to work with brokers that are members of a qualifying dispute resolution scheme.

The service is dedicated to helping suppliers and brokers improve their service, processes, and customer experience in order to build trust and confidence.

Ombudsman Services is a purpose-led, not for profit organisation that has been providing independent dispute resolution services across the energy, communication, and parking sectors since 2002. Its mission is to build trust by ensuring that businesses treat customers fairly.

Ombudsman Services resolves disputes between energy suppliers/brokers and their customers. Their independent, impartial service takes into account both the rules and regulations and what is fair and reasonable.

Find out more: https://www.ombudsman-services.org/sectors/energy-brokers

Membership number: C35DATA01