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With temperatures peaking at a scorching 33.6C last week, water companies have been urging the public to be cautious of their usage, with the threat of imposing a formal hosepipe ban. A ban has already been introduced in Northern Ireland to avoid disruptions to the service, the first to be implemented in six years.

In recent days our treatment works have been operating at near maximum levels with over 700 million litres of water being put onto the network, which is some 25% more than is normal for this time of year.

Despite these steps, demand continues to outstrip supply. It would be our intention to introduce a formal hosepipe ban in an effort to protect against the increase threat of supply interruptions.

NI Water Chief Executive, Sara Venning.

Utility companies are struggling to keep up with huge spikes in demand, particularly in the mornings and evenings. Billions more litres are being pumped into the system, however it is being used just as fast as it is supplied.


Simple ways to reduce your water usage:

  • Restrict showers to four minutes
  • Water plants with a watering can, rather than a hose
  • Avoid washing your car
  • Avoid watering the lawn
  • Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth