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Over 410,000 UK electricity customers chose to switch supplier last month, a 15% decrease on May 2019.

According to latest figures published by Energy UK, consumer switches slowed down considerably during the lockdown.

Nearly 2.5 million customers moved to a new supplier in the first five months of the year, a 5% decrease compared to the same period in 2019.

Audrey Gallacher, Interim Chief Executive at Energy UK said:

“While it’s not surprising that switching levels are slightly down during the lockdown, there will be many people who will face financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, so it is important to remember there are ways you can save money on your energy bill, either by checking you are on the right deal with your current supplier or by shopping around.


More importantly, I’d encourage everyone to make sure that your homes are energy efficient which is the best way to keep your bill down for the longer-term and also help the environment.”

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