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Your home is connected to a district supply scheme

District supply schemes are an efficient solution for supplying energy and water to large apartment blocks.
These systems offer a wealth of environmental, social and financial benefits, allowing you access to heating, cooling and water whenever you need it.

How does it work?

Within your apartment is a network of pipes that distribute individual services to and from each apartment. These services include heating, cooling, hot water, cold water and waste water.

Each apartment is connected to the community-wide supply network and will have a responsibility to contribute to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the services. 

Apartment-level metering is installed to accurately measure your usage, which is then used for billing purposes.

Each apartment is connected to this community-wide supply network and will have a responsibility to contribute to the ongoing operation and maintenance of the service.

Who are Data Energy?

We are your metering and billing agent. We have been specifically appointed by Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd to bill you for your heating, cooling and water consumption.

It’s our job to:

  • Collect consumption data
  • Generate and issue bills
  • Process payments
  • Process change of tenancies
  • Issue final bills
  • Provide customer support

If you have have any questions regarding your system or how you will be charged, call us on 01279 810 119 or email customerbilling@dataenergy.co.uk

Your Building Owner:

Berkeley Homes (South East London) Ltd

How will I be charged?

Using actual meter reads for each utility, we calculate exactly how much you have consumed, and charge you according to your tariff. Your tariff consists of two charges:

Standing Charge

This is a daily charge that relates to the fixed costs associated with running the district supply scheme.

The number of days you have been billed for is multiplied by the daily standing charge to produce a total chargeable amount

Variable Charge

This charge is based on your consumption. Your usage of each utility is multiplied by the variable charge to produce a total chargeable amount.

Please note, each utility is measured separately.

For more information on how you’ll be charged, please visit our Self Service Function

How can I pay?

You can pay your bill through a variety of methods, such as by phone, direct debit and online through our customer portal. We recommend direct debit as the most efficient way to pay your bills.

For more information on the payment methods available or to download a direct debit form, please visit our self-service function

Our customer portal allows you to manage your energy usage, make payments, provide meters readings and report occupancy changes.

You can also find handy information on district supply schemes, energy saving advice and frequently asked questions.

Your first bill will include a unique activation code which can be used to register your account on our customer portal.

To manage your account, pay bills and view our FAQs, please visit our Customer Portal

Our dedicated customer service team is easily accessible and on hand to take billing queries and explain tariffs.

If you experience any issues or require support, please contact us at 01279 810 119 or customerbilling@dataenergy.co.uk