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SSE becomes the latest of the “Big Six” to announce an energy price hike


Today, SSE announced it will be increasing energy prices from the 11th July, with gas set to rise by 5.7% and electricity by 7.7%.

Around 2.36 million SSE customers are predicted to face an average increase of 6.7%, equating to an additional £76 per year; around £1.50 per week.

In today’s announcement, the hike was said to be in response to higher wholesale energy prices and the planned introduction of a cap on Standard Variable Rates.

Chief Commercial Officer of SSE, Stephen Forbes, said:

“We deeply regret having to raise prices and have worked hard to withstand the increasing costs that are largely outside our control by reducing our own internal costs. However, as we’ve seen with recent adjustments to Ofgem’s price caps, the cost of supplying energy is increasing and ultimately impacts the prices we’re able to offer customers.”

SSE is the latest of Energy’s “Big Six” to increase prices, joining British Gas, Eon, EDF, Npower and Scottish Power.

Customers that are on a fixed or safeguard tariff are not to be affected by the increase, however, we would urge customers to be mindful of their contract end date, and not to risk being rolled over onto Standard Variable Rates.

For further info regarding the recent price hikes, or if you’re are worried that you might be affected, contract one of our Energy Managers today on 01279 810120.