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With 3G networks having been around since 2003, most UK mobile providers have announced that they plan to gradually switch off their networks as early as 2023. If you already have newer mobile devices which use 4G or 5G, this is unlikely to affect you and only a quick software update should be necessary. However, older mobile phones and remote devices that rely on 3G networks will need to be upgraded.

It’s important to stress that the decommissioning of 3G networks is not going to happen overnight but is likely to start in early 2023, with some networks not due to switch off until 2024 and beyond. It’s expected that all providers will not be offering 3G after 2033, when these services will be switched off indefinitely.

What does this mean for you?

Our Technical Team are currently reviewing all technology installed onsite (including data loggers and prepayment hardware) and will contact clients that are likely to be affected. Our engineers will then supply and install new 4G and 5G devices where required.

Upgrading your devices shouldn’t cause any service disruptions, however if your technology requires upgrading and you do not take necessary action, your service will be at risk once the 3G network is disconnected in your area.

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