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Onsite Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to visit site and remedy issues, something that is unheard of by energy procurement companies or brokers. As a result, we have a deep understanding of typical on-site challenges facing property managers and are uniquely positioned to provide technical services.

We offer a range of operation and maintenance services which can be tailored to suit specific requirements and portfolios. Our skilled force of CIBSE qualified engineers can find a solution to almost any issue found on site, delivering a solution to you straight out in the field.

Site audits

We provide audits of metering and sub-metering arrangements, locating any lost, unregistered or obsolete supplies. We help to provide a complete view of supply, protecting you from unexpected back-billing. Obtaining regular readings, from both regular and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters, can help to enforce precise and fair billing for residents.


All installed equipment must be commissioned in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. If commissioning has not been applied, the equipment might not qualify for the warranty expected.

Commissioning is key during handover, where those responsible for ongoing operation and maintenance, typically the managing agent, receive crucial handover documentation.

We conduct pre-handover audits, reviewing the commissioning to ensure the managing agent can deliver their responsibilities for ongoing operation and maintenance. We’re familiar with handover protocols that follow the CIBSE Commissioning Code M Guidance, ensuring that installation complies with designer specification.

Heat Interface Units

Heat or Hydraulic Interface Units (HIUs) are a common feature of heat networks. The HIU acts, as the name suggests, as an interface between the energy centre and the point of use within a home.

Our engineers have trained with leading HIU manufacturers, including Danfoss, SAV, Vital, Altecnic and many more.

Combined Heat and Power

Around two thirds of heat is wasted when using conventional electricity generation methods, and overall efficiency is between 40-50%. The use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants can dramatically improve efficiency by re-using heat, making the system over 90% efficient.

Furthermore, use of CHP can provide exemptions from the Climate Change Levy (CCL), which taxes large consumers of fuel in the form of Levy Exemption Certificates.


Our mobile engineers are trained in all maintenance cycles to ensure optimum equipment performance. Our maintenance packages are tailored to suit specific installations and driven by manufacture requirements.

In the absence of these requirements, we draw on standards for the equipment that applies; for example, an energy centrr might be covered by SFG 20 and heat meters by the Metering and Instrumentation Directive.

BMS controls

Building Management System (BMS) controls are at the heart of every new development and integral to the operating efficiency of the building. Our engineers are familiar with most common BMS systems, typically Trend. Careful diagnostics apply, and as with all IT equipment, it’s important to protect from malicious attacks and software viruses that can render the controls inoperable or inaccessible.