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Natural Gas – OCR and DR

We are required by Ofgem to publish the Out of Contract Rates (OCR) and Deemed Rates (DR) that apply to supplies which fall outside of a negotiated contract arrangement, typically because the contract has expired or other factors apply.

These rates provide a default charging structure that will apply between Data Energy and the customer (or occupier) in the absence of an agreed contract.

When OCR or DR might apply

OCR or DR usually apply due to one of the following reasons. Please note, this list is not exhaustive and other reasons might apply.

– Contract comes to an end

– Change of customer

– Customer fails

Unit Rates

Unit rates vary depending on the energy market and will fluctuate to reflect the market conditions.

Generally OCR and DR will exceed fixed-term contracted rates as they reflect the short term market. Our recommendation is to avoid OCR and DR altogether, as they are volatile and subject to change as market conditions dictate.

The current energy crisis means that these rates change frequently and without notice. Therefore, the full cost implications of remaining on OCR or DR might not be understood.

Table of OCR and DR

Month / Applicable From Daily standing charge (£/day) OCR/DR Unit Rate (pence/kWh)
December 2023 £10.00 29.50
January 2024 £10.00 23.00
1st February 2024 £10.00 20.00
1st April 2024 onwards £10.00 15.00


VAT and CCL will be applied to OCR and DR at the standard rate. To qualify for the reduced rate of VAT and CCL exemption, a PP11 form should be completed for residential usage.