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The Future is Electric

With decarbonisation now firmly on the Government’s agenda, electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive and popular option.

All new-build homes are legally required to have EV charging points installed, and it’s estimated that around 145,000 charging points are being installed across the UK each year.

We understand that this is relatively new territory for building owners, and with intense resident scrutiny, it’s important that those responsible for EV charging points can manage this solution effectively to ensure all energy costs are fully covered. 

All is supported by the Data Energy back office processes to deliver accurate billing giving you the confidence to focus on other areas of your responsibilities. 

The Chargeability Solution

Evolved by Data Energy, Chargeability is a back-office billing and management system designed to provide complete transparency and control of your EV charging network.

A collaboration of PAYG technology and risk control, Chargeability provides two-way communication between the end user and the network owner via a secure cloud-based platform.

No licence fees. No hidden costs.

Everything, Everywhere, in One Place

  • Supports all Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) charging points
  • Adopts hardware from multiple vendors in the same network
  • Manages all charging points in one back-office system
  • Tariffs can be applied to allow full recovery of energy costs and more if required
  • Comprehensive reporting, including network health and Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) compliant reports 
  • Generate added revenues from visitor use 
  • Contributes to carbon emissions reporting

The Chargeability App

Accessed anywhere from any device, the Chargeability app allows drivers to locate and utilise EV charging points with ease.

Easily downloaded, free of charge, via the App Store or Google Play, the Chargeability app provides a UK wide map of compatible charging points and their locations.

Once located, the driver can simply pull up to the charging point, plug in, and pay for its service in a matter of seconds.

  • Discover nearby chargers
  • Easy session starting
  • Charging session insights
  • Clear charging rates
  • Real-time session tracking
  • Save payment details for future use
  • Direct issue reporting

‘Tap- and- Go’

With our ‘Tap- and- Go’ solution there’s no need to sign into the app; the user can simply pay for their session by using a contactless card. Quick and easy! 

Time to Take Charge

1. Adoption

For existing installations, we can adopt any charging point providing it is OCPP. 

Or if you’re starting from scratch, we can guide you through the planning, installation and set-up process. 

2. Billing and Management 

Once installed, our specialists will implement an operating methodology that will allow residents to utilise the equipment. We determine a tariff for recharging and collecting funds on your behalf.

3. Reconciliation

Once units are online and in operation, your dedicated account manager will issue monthly or quarterly statements, allowing you to reconcile charges and account for the electricity used.

Manufacturers We Work With

Chargeability is hardware agnostic, meaning it can adopt any combination of EV charging points, regardless of manufacturer.