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The role of the ESCo is to remove most of the day-to-day challenges away from the property manager, eliminating typical complexities associated with system operation, bill generation, chasing debts and so on.

We have a track record of delivering solutions that will transform the burden of heat supply, allowing you to focus on the day job. We tailor our services based on the specific needs and challenges of your system, always ensuring the solution is practical and underpinned by commercial reality.

Adopting a complete system approach or hybrid solution through our Full ESCo or ESCo Lite offerings, we operate and maintain heat networks on your behalf, always ensuring optimum efficiency.

Full ESCo

Complete system approach:

  • We pick up the gas supply arrangements and bring them into our purchasing process
  • Supply engineers to run the energy center, delivering efficiency levels
  • Raise and issue bills to residents
  • Report back to you on a monthly basis

ESCo Lite

Hybrid solution:

  • Avoids the heavy contract complexities of a full ESCo
  • Provides advice on how to get the most from your asset
  • Offers engineering expertise to optimise network performance and prolong equipment life
  • Ensures your network provides residents with decades of efficient energy, at a competitive rate