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Set across 150 acres of countryside in the heart of Nottinghamshire, Springvale Park is a residential resort for the over 50’s, home to a variety of luxury holiday lodges and park homes. Following completion, the Park Operator, Springvale Park Homes, appointed Data Energy to provide metering and data collection equipment to around 20 high spec mobile homes.

Springvale Park benefits from communal gas, electricity and water supplies. Instead of localised utility meters, each service is generated in a central location, and distributed for use across numerous homes.

Electricity is currently imported from the grid, however there are plans to use electricity generated onsite by an anaerobic digester, located approximately half a kilometre from the holiday park itself. This innovative solution provides renewable electricity (and soon heat) for residents to enjoy in abundance, giving the operator an additional revenue stream.


The Requirement

Springvale Park Homes required a fully automated data collection and bill generation service, to provide residents with consistent, accurate utility billing. The client also specified the need for an online platform where residents can make payments and manage their energy consumption.


Our Solution

WE installed a LoRaWAN gateway to wirelessly record consumption from the communal utility meters onsite. This solution allows consumption data to be transmitted remotely to our DataCollector software, which then processes the data and updates individual balances on our customer portal.

Each resident has been provided with access to our customer portal, which provides complete control over budgeting and managing energy consumption. Accessed anywhere from any device, the portal allows users to view real-time consumption, make payments, review energy spend and current balance.



Our structured delivery of a fully automated data collection platform and customer portal provided residents with complete control over their utility supplies. This resulted in reduced demands made on the Park Operator.