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Holiday Parks & Resorts

We provide innovative energy solutions that deliver accelerated revenue streams and efficiency.

Our expertise is communal utilities, whereby energy is supplied to a centralised location (typically an incoming meter) and distributed to more than one final customer, encompassing heat, cooling, gas, electricity, water and renewables.

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and data collection techniques, we help Resort Owners save money, reduce energy, unlock new revenue streams, and increase transparency for the benefit of all.

Billing Solutions

Those responsible for the recharging of communal utilities now have an opportunity to considerably reduce the amount of admin and hassle associated with the process.

Our role is to remove most of the day-to-day challenges associated with running communal utilities away from the Owner, unlocking revenue potential, reducing energy costs, and providing clarity for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We take on this responsibility, providing credit billing and PAYG solutions, tariff setting, bill generation and recovering payments where necessary.

Data Collection & Analysis

To maximise the benefit of communal utilities, it’s essential that each component is optimised and fully understood. Using enhanced data collection and reporting processes, we allow Owners to understand how their systems are performing on a real time basis.

Our unique data collection and analysis technology allows us to identify opportunities for energy conservation measures and detect operational issues, creating unprecedented reductions in energy consumption, carbon emissions and running costs.

Installed onsite, our data collection solutions facilitate the automated remote capture of data at high sampling rates, able to automatically collect data from >16,000 units each day.

Importantly, our data collection solutions utilise open and standard industry protocols, enabling them to be integrated with a wide range of management systems and on-site platforms, regardless of brand/manufacturer.

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